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The most codecs provided with Windows are very slow. E.g. the MJPEG Compressor can not handle big images, many frame drops will be the result. The DV Video Encoder resizes the image unwantedly and also changes the frame rate.

A list of codecs is at

Free codecs

A free H264 codec is available at

Free codecs can be found in the internet. You may try

The "ffdshow video encoder" seems to work. It must be configured. Tested is the "FFV1" setting. The "MPEG" and "HuffYUV" seem to crash.

Commercial codecs

Picvideo of the company accusoft

LeadMJPEG of Leadtools

Customer recommendation

Grass Valley Lossless Codec compression app 1:6

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After installation of codecs, they are shown in IC Capture and listed by IC Imaging Control 3.5 automatically. Please keep in mind, 32 bit programs will load 32 bit codecs and 64 bit programs will load 64 bit codecs only.

Microsoft also describes, how to use the built in H264 codec in your own software:

IC Imaging Control 3.5, IC Capture 2.5 and IC Measure have a built in H264 codec too.

IC Imaging Control 4 does not loading of codecs, but it can write h264 compressed video files.

For further questions, please use our contact form