FireWire IEEE1394 cameras in Windows 10 and higher Windows versions

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The IEEE 1394 FireWire cameras, such as

  • DFK 21F04
  • DFK / DMK 21AF04
  • DFK / DMK 31AF03
  • DFK / DMK 41AF02

and their variants can be used in Windows 10 and 11. There might be issues, e.g. a blue screen can occur when stopping the live stream.


The driver is located at Support -> Downloads at the bottom of the page in the "Archive" section. The above listed camera family uses the Device Driver for FireWire 400 Cameras

FireWire PCI Express card

Customers reported the Lindy™ board with Texas Instruments™ working in Windows 10 and above with The Imaging Source FireWire cameras:

We did not test the board on our own, thus, there is guarantee, whether it works.


Make sure a FireWire cable of good quality is used. If a cheap, low quality cable is in use, the camera's FireWire chip can be damaged by electro static discharges.


The The Imaging Source software packages like IC Capture, IC Measure and the IC Imaging Control SDKs will handle the FireWire cameras, if the correct driver is installed.