Getting Started on Raspberry PI4

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This article is for 32bit Raspbian on PI4 only.

Basic Steps:

Install a standard 32 bit Raspbian. (Ignore the image on

From The Imaging Source -> Support -> Downloads install:

GStreamer Plugins -> tiscamera Linux 32 Bit Camera Library for ARMHF Architecture

Now USB and GigE Cameras can be used with tcam-capture. Also Python programming can be done.


install the GStreamer Plugin -> tcamdutils 32 Bit for Raspberry PI OS

This installed faster Debayering, ToneMapping and some more properties.

MIPI Cameras:

GStreamer Plugin -> Raspberry PI GStreamer Source for The Imaging Source MIPI Cameras

C++ Programming

The dev-packages with headers and libraries must be installed from

If a PI 5 and MIPI cameras are in use, then libcamera is used and a special configuration must be done, so libcamera knows, which sensor is in use. The IMX290 is supported well.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us at The Imaging Source - Contact Form