IC Capture: Device is in live mode but does not deliver images

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IC Capture showing the error message "Device is in live mode, but there are no images" can have different reasons.

If you use an USB 33, 37 or 38 cameras model, please make sure, you installed the driver from https://www.theimagingsource.com/en-de/support/download/icwdmuvccamtis33u- Otherwise the Microsoft driver is in use, that  does not handle the camera correctly.

Windows 10

Check with "winver" the Windows version.

If 1607, Anniversary Update: It blocks USB cameras. It is fixed by Windows Updates, thus perform updates.

Microsoft Teams

If the camera is selected as video device in Microsoft Teams, then it is blocked too. Unselect the camera in Microsoft Teams (Click on your icon in the titlebar, select "setting", click on "Devices" and scroll a little bit down.

Virus Scanner

Check for virus scanner blocking webcam streams. e.g. Kaspersky Endpoint Security and ESET do so.

Camera settings

Please try lower frame rates and see, what happens.

CPU Idle States:

This affects USB 2.0 controller. USB 3.0 PCIe are usually not affected. In case you use an Intel CPU, you may try Processor Idle State Manager. It tries to prevent the CPU going into C3 state. The program can be downloaded from https://www.theimagingsource.com/en-de/support/download/procidlestateman-

We found an USB 3.0 PCIe controller solves the issue too.

USB Cable

Exchange the USB cable.

In case you use one of the older USB 2.0 cameras, please refer to https://theimagingsource.deskpro.com/agent/#app.publish,knowledgebase:3,t:19069,a.o:5,vis:5

Front side USB connectors of desktop computers

Please do not use the front side USB connectors of a desktop computer, because the shielding of the USB wires inside the computer might be bad, so the USB data transfer is disturbed.

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