Impossible to focus, no sharp image

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Technical drawing of the 5mm distance ring

It may happens that it is not possible to get a sharp image with a The Imaging Source camera and a normal C/CS mount lens. The reason for this is usually the missing 5mm distance ring, which must be fitted between the camera and the lens. This black ring is always screwed onto the camera when it is delivered.

If the protective cap that sits on the ring is unscrewed instead of pulled off, the ring is removed. The distance between the sensor and the camera is no longer correct and it is no longer possible to focus. Protective cap with distance ring

It can also happen that when changing a lens, the distance ring is unintentionally removed so that two rings are fitted. In this case, it is only possible to focus at a very short distance of a few millimeters, if at all. In this case, one of the two rings must be removed.

Camera, distance ring and lens mounted
Camera, distance ring and lens separated
Protection cap and distance ring.

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