Random, repeated disconnections

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The cause of repeated, mostly random disconnections is relatively difficult to pinpoint.

A first measure is to try a different USB or network cable. It is also important to ensure that the plugs have a good connection.

USB cameras

Please do not use the front side USB ports of a desktop computer, as the connection of these ports to the mainboard in the computer may be poorly shielded. This can interfere with data transmission to such an extent that the USB controller disconnects from the camera.

We are aware of problems with the ASMedia™ and AMD™ USB 3 controllers, which can also lead to disconnections. In this case, it may be possible to install another USB controller with an Intel™ or Fresco Logic™ chip in the computer.

Energy settings to save power are rarely the cause of a connection failure with USB cameras, but may be worth a look for.

GigE cameras

The Imaging Source GigE cameras do not work on 10mBit or 100mBit networks. The camera switches off at the latest when the live stream is started. Even if the computer has a 1GB network card, the transmission speed can be throttled by a (PoE) switch, PoE injector or a router.

Some GigE network controllers have their own energy management, which is sometimes called "Green Ethernet". This should be switched off. This is done in the Windows Device Manager. Right-click on the network card and select "Properties". In the properties dialog, go to "Advanced" and look for anything in the list that looks like energy saving.

Very old firmware versions also had a disconnection problem. This has been fixed since version 1912.

These hints are just a collection of possible solutions. It is also possible that the cause of the random disconnections is something completely different, e.g. a cold solder joint in the camera.

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