Using USB 2.0 CCD Cameras in Linux

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USB 2.0 CCD camera

This article effects the cameras:

DMK 21AU04, DFK 21AU04, DMK 21BU04, DFK 21BU04

DMK 31AU03, DFK 31AU03, DMK 31BU03, DFK 31AU03

DMK 41AU02, DFK 41AU02, DMK 41BU02, DFK 41AU02

and their .AS astronomy versions.

These cameras already have an UCV mode, but do not inform the operating system about this fact. Therefore, some UDEV rules must be installed.

Please download the rules file from and unpack the rules file. The rules files must be copied:

sudo cp 80-theimagingsource-cameras.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/ 

Now either run

sudo service udev restart

or reboot your computer

Your system should now correctly identify your camera. Maybe a complete computer start is required.

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